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Magical Twilight

  • Orininal Name: Majikaru, The HeX Files
  • Type: TV
  • Censor: Uncensored
  • Genres: , ,
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Tsukasa Tachibana was living a normal, if depressing, life with college entrance exams to study for and no girlfriend to speak of. But his world is turned upside-down and on its side with the arrival of three girls from faraway Magic Kingdoms: Chipple, who wants his love; Irene, who wants his body; and Liv, who wants his life. These girls are looking to pass their own school exams, though their success may be hazardous to Tsukasa’s health. Later, two’s company becomes a crowd of three on a hot springs getaway, and as if that weren’t enough, the lonely widowed inn manager and her rebellious daughter find their way into Tsukasa’s life. Meanwhile, the witches continue their exam trials, with a harsh price for mistakes or failure: vanishing from the memories of everyone they knew in the world of humans…
Magical Twilight

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