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Miyazaki Maya Daizukan

A compilation of 3 unrelated stories across 2 approximately 15 minute episodes. The Legend of Ooedo’s 800 Holes Ishide Takehiko falls in a manhole and ends up in ancient Japan. After wandering with no food or water for 3 days he stumbles across run-away princess Tokugawa Tsubaki and decides to have his way with her. She doesn’t protest, much. But now she expects him to what?! Bicycle A guy (“the substitute guy”) watches Wadameda Chitose ride her bike down a hill every day in her gym uniform. She uses the bumpy ride for her own personal enjoyment. He’s come up with a plan to get involved with her daily activities. Winter Love Virgin science teacher Ootsuka Jinpachi one day decides that fellow teacher Matsuo Aiko’s bad attitude has earned her a ravaging. He tricks her into drinking an aphrodisiac and ‘researches’ her with various scientific glassware and a pen before ravaging her. But she actually…?
Miyazaki Maya Daizukan

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